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I had a dream, I got the stars.

diferentes ediciones con photoshop

esto de que me tengan dando vueltas como una peonza me está empezando a cansar seriamente..

de rAnita nOe


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I am stripping layers of feelings trying to understand the fears that assault me, that I don't recognise, but make my feel insecure and unprotected against my own thoughts. 
A year has gone by and it still hurts. And now that I'm getting to know someone else I find myself wondering if the history is going to repeat it self. 
I don't miss you. I don't miss us. What I do miss is the assurance of God's guidance.  I know that He is guiding me now, but the uncertainty that you left behind has made me try to secure my heart, hide it from harm, as if I could do such thing on my own. 
Doubt creeps from the depths of my mind, am I good enough? Will this person see me behind my flaws? Will he love me just for who I am? 
And for a moment I forget that I am voluntarily not in control, nor I intend to be. I have to conciously chose not to hurt for the damage that you left behind. 
So I pray, to my Dad above. Father fill my heart with praise to You so I can't hear the noise…

hay demasiadOs errOres

Suelo releer los libros que leí cuando era más pequeña, he descubierto que en la segunda lectura nuevos detalles aparecen y es gratificante.
Ayer descargue "Las mujercitas se casan" o "Mujercitas II". Así que lo estoy leyendo en el portátil. Aquellos que me conocen saben que una de las cosas que no me gusta de Argentina son las millones de faltas de ortografía que encuentro por todas partes. En mi llavero hay colgado un rotulador justiciero para los carteles públicos, y os puedo asegurar que le doy buen uso. Pues este odio a las faltas de ortografía debe ser contagioso, porque mientras leía, el word me ha abierto la siguiente ventanita "hay demasiados errores ortográficos o gramaticales en las mujercitas se casan.doc para continuar mostrándolos. Para corregir la ortografía y la gramática de este documento, elija el comando Ortografía y gramática del menu de herramientas."
Ea, pa' chulo, mi portátil.

de rAnita nOe


How am I going to tell you everything if I don't even know you yet?

How will I be able to explain the depth of the change that the fucking cancer has brought to my life?
And it's not only about having one less ovary, or the scars, or the tattoo.

Hello, I'm Noemi and I had cancer.
Oh, and I have, probably, PTSD.

That's not a conversation starter that I want to use.

And yet, somehow, I carry this bit of conversation around, waiting for the perfect moment to say it, if there's a "perfect" moment.

I do things differently now. I care more and I care less. More for those persons that I love, those things that I like and those memories that I want to have. And less for time wasting things, time wasting people.

The pain, the fear, the what if it's back. The sleepless nights, the tears, the wait. You were not there, I wsih you had so I wouldn't have to tell you about it. Maybe the changes in me wouldn't have been that deep if you'd been there.